Acoustic Lighting Is A Thing… And It Works!


You don’t need to spend money on acoustic baffles and panels if you use the right kind of acoustic lighting

Some activities can benefit from a loud rambunctious soundscape.

But what about…
The yoga class on the other side?
The cooling down period?
Patrons who may not want to hear the sounds of their fellow members’ exertion?



By their nature, most clubs are open spaces with few walls and lots of sound-reflecting hard floors. These features contribute to increased noise pollution that can only be addressed by ceiling elements.


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There are a bunch of ways to add sound absorption in a ceiling to reduce noise, but only one truly effective way to do so and still get the benefits of immersive illumination: by using luminous ceilings and large-scale acoustic light fixtures.

Acoustic experts use something called a “sabin” to measure how much sound absorption is in a space. More sabins means more sound absorption = less ambient noise. Passive acoustic elements on the left (below) are pretty good at absorbing sound but compete with lights in the ceiling for space. The acoustic fixture in the middle provides a little light and a little sound absorption but requires many of them to significantly reduce noise or create an immersive experience. Only the large fixtures on the right side do both.


AND… you get the acoustic benefits at virtually no extra cost. You have to illuminate your club, so instead of spending extra money on passive acoustic materials you can purchase acoustic lighting products that have noise reduction capability built in.

What's Important For You To Know 

Acoustic lighting allows you to provide a calm space for low intensity activities without the need to spend extra money on baffles or panels. You need lighting anyways, might as well get the benefit of reduced noise at virtually no extra cost.​

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November 16, 2023