Vancouver, B.C. (October 25, 2017) – Cooledge Lighting Inc. today announced the recognition of its TILE Exterior system with two honors from international lighting designers. The London-based Darc Awards named TILE Exterior best architectural lighting product for exteriors, and Light Middle East selected the system as one of the top outdoor lighting products of the year. The recognition validates the breakthrough nature of TILE Exterior as a means to build with luminous surfaces – rather than simply projecting light onto structures.

TILE Exterior frees light from the constraints of fixtures to illuminate any architectural geometry, scale with ease, and give designers entirely new ways to accentuate buildings. The system combines all the critical elements required for luminous exteriors – from rigorously-tested water resistance to modularity for configuration around virtually any building structure. This flexibility perfectly suits architectural designs that increasingly push the boundaries of form.

“The right lighting is vital to give architecture life after dark, yet designers are often limited both by structural obstacles and standard fixtures that offer little customization. The ability to create luminous façades that can accommodate curves and unconventional shapes provides a host of new design options that are both creative and practical,” said Phil Schick, Vice President, Innovation.

The recent recognition caps a period of growth for Cooledge, which has emerged as the category leader in luminous surfaces. Additional advancements include:

  • Appointment of industry leader William J. Sims as CEO and closing of $12 million in additional funding.
  • Product line expansion, including TILE Tunable White for dynamic color temperature, and progression into surface solutions that span products, integration, design, and installation.
  • Improved manufacturing efficiencies and product design to increase market competitiveness.
  • Dramatic increase in new quotations, fueling 78% growth in project pipeline.
  • Geographic expansion, including increased presence in design hubs of New York, Chicago, and London, and new distribution partners in Denmark, France, Spain, and Switzerland.
  • The launch of Cooledge Lighting Distribution, Inc. (CLDI) to process, ship, and service the company’s North America customer base.

“We’re thankful to the design community for recognizing our commitment to innovation with these latest honors,” said William J. Sims, CEO. “This enthusiastic market response, combined with our versatile product range, broad reach, and customer support, will help us make luminous surfaces the next great step change in architectural design.”

About Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge is the global leader in luminous surface offerings. The company provides a portfolio of proprietary lighting technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into all forms and scale of the built environment enabling large architectural surfaces instead of light points for illumination. The company’s luminous surface capabilities are deployed in retail, office, hospitality, and themed venues for both new and retrofit building applications. Cooledge is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and supported by a network of sales agencies and partners throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @CooledgeLtg.

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Oct 25, 2017 12:00:00 AM