March 7, 2013


A little Italian love for the Cooledge LED light sheet! Fantastico!

The “very loose” translation follows:

03/07/2013 William Strata Equipment > Electric
Mechanical and electrical characteristics are combined in the development of a bright translucent sheet with the possibility of bending in all planes and make the system to be thermally stable.

Light sheet is the first product of Cooledge , innovative company in the lighting field able to offer an alternative to current models. Its aim is to focus on sources planar and flexible in contrast to the traditional market-oriented point of lighting products designed to be introduced into conventional bulb. Behind Cooledge is the work of researchers Wade Sheen and Michael Tischler , both authors several patents and with extensive experience in the field of materials, production and development of diode light sources. Philip Schick, head of the development team is experienced in the system instead Lexel (first to have a variable brightness and color scale). The company Cooledge Lighting was founded in Canada in 2010 and in less than 3 years has been able to market a real product-edge solution offering unprecedented lighting. Light sheet is a flexible LED light. Designed by John Rogers, University of Illinois, was born with the intention of finding a viable alternative to the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode). The key points of this product are: immediate, cost-effective, high brightness, flexibility and large sizes achievable. Party from a prototype developed in the university with very limited lighting performance, this product is now able to offer over 120 lumens / Watt with color temperatures from 3500K.

Light sheet combines mechanical and electrical characteristics capable of developing a light semi-transparent sheet with the ability to bend on all floors. The ability to associate a low supply voltage to a dense amount of LEDs allows this system to be thermally stable. The effectiveness of more than 100 lm per watt and a lifetime greater than 50,000 hours, allow this product to assume a leading position in the market and differentiate itself from similar products but developed uniquely for spectacular functions. To cater to the fantasies of lighting designer, the system is available with dimmer and customized on request. Light sheet presented to Lightfair of Philadelphia is now available to give life to a series of new projects and new breath in the lighting design.

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