Set the mood, match circadian rhythms, and create a fun atmosphere


To truly emulate daylight in interior spaces, you can incorporate tunable white lighting that allows you to choose warm, intimate lighting for low energy activities or change it to cooler, brighter levels for high intensity training.

Studies* have shown that circadian rhythms have an influence on the activity level of people during exercise. Circadian matching therefore should increase the efficacy of your members’ workouts.



Some clubs use lights like those you would find at a nightclub to set the mood. What if you could get dynamic colors and high quality immersive illumination that feels like the outdoors all in one light fixture? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!




What's Important For You To Know 

Dynamic lighting whether tunable white or full color changing adds value by allowing you to set the mood without losing all of the other attributes.​

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December 19, 2023