“The goal is to provide bright, reliable lighting that mimics daylight.”


It seems obvious that natural light would be a big part of creating the perfect fitness environment and studies support this assumption.

But what if your facility does not have access to daylight through skylights or large windows? The next best thing is to incorporate large-scale, diffuse lighting that emulates natural light and matches human physiology.



Immersive illumination is the feeling of being surrounded by light in a way that makes you feel different…better.

Immersive illumination combines

  • Large surface area to mimic the sky (see below)

  • High levels of illumination

  • Glare free and flicker free light

  • High color rendering

  • Fully dimmable illumination


hum,an eye


Another benefit of incorporating luminous ceilings or large-scale acoustic light fixtures is creating the illusion of space. For facilities located away from sources of natural light or underground, making your space seem more open will have add to the feeling of being outdoors that is part of the immersive illumination experience. 

You want to ensure that your club members have the best experience possible and the experts say that lighting is one of the most critical things to get right. The next step is to understand the ways lighting influences or creates an atmosphere that is so compelling club members tell their friends about your business.

To help you, we have put together the information you need to know to make good decisions about the lighting for your fitness and wellness clubs.

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October 6, 2023